Fall Is Upon Us

I've been in the studio where I literally don't see the light of day for 8 hours, so I haven't really realized what's been going on outside until tonight. It's FALL people. Here in Dallas we don't really get four real seasons. Our Fall consists of the temperatures dropping down into the 70s, but I think the biggest change is the lighting. I know it sounds a little kooky but I feel like the light changes in the Fall. The sun is no longer beating down on you but casting a lovely light on your day. Everything is a bit more romantic and cozy. It makes me want to thrown on a Fair Isle sweater, grab a plaid blanket, and pack up a picnic. Enjoy the lovely weather friends!

A Letter To My Shoes

Dear Gorgeous Sparkly Flats,

Not cool. You are a wolf in sheeps clothing. You disguised yourself as an adorable flat pair of foot candy and you are actually a torture device. I should have known better. Every time I wear you my feet end up hurting, but it's so hard to choose my black sensible flats when you're sitting next to them screaming, "Pick me! Pick me! I'll elevate your outfit. Everybody will tell you how cute I am." Most days I can resist, but for some reason you had me convinced that today would be different. Well, it wasn't different. It was WORSE. By the time I had my coffee my heels were all red and by lunch time I was limping, LIMPING! So, this is goodbye gorgeous sparkly flats. Until I find a magical cobbler who can make you comfortable, I'm putting you back on the shelf and not your regular shelf. No more of the closet light hitting you just right so your sparkles shine and I'm fooled again, you're going in on the top shelf where you'll be purely for decoration. It's been (painfully) real.


The Moss Factor

Ok, so Kate Moss has done a lot in her life. Among being one of the most famous fashion models of all time, she's also been a tabloid darling regarding everything from her weight, to her romance with famous rocker/train wreck Pete Doherty, and her alleged drug use. 

What is undeniable though is her innate, spot on, style. This editorial in the September Issue of British Vogue illustrates this amazingly. She interpreted this seasons styles with her very own edge and the looks are flawless. I mean seriously, I die.

Blog Crawl

As many of you know the lovely and talented Beth from Hello, Splendor has started a blog crawl so we can all get to know each other better. I've loved everybody's take on My Life Is An Open Book. I loved reading about Emily following her heart and changing her career on on Emily A. Clark, and I cannot wait to hear what Sandy a la Mode has to say on Monday. But now to my story....

The Author

I'm a grown up version of the girl you see in the picture above. I'm a fashion stylist, blogger, and all around goof ball.

The Setting

I'm a gypsy of sorts. Born in DC, moved to Tulsa, OK for 9 years, Albuquerque for High School, Dallas for college and work, NY for a year, and now I'm back in Dallas. I think Dallas is my home for life.

Cast of Characters

I adore my husband, family, and friends. I truly believe I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by the best people in the world. I'm a very happy girl.

 The Plot

I've always had a passion for fashion but never knew that you could make a career out of it so I set off to be a print Journalist. My first job out of college was associate editor at D Magazine in Dallas and where I got to see the behind the scenes of photoshoots and get my first taste of styling. 

After a few years at the magazine I got an opportunity to get a job doing the start-up of a new Conde Nast business magazine. I jumped at the opportunity and within weeks (and just a week after the birth of my niece, my sister's first born Joy) I moved myself up to NYC arriving without anyplace to live. I was ready to set the publishing world on fire. I wanted my career to be my life. I was dead-set on not having children, wasn't sure if I would get married, and thought that living far away from my family wouldn't be a big deal.  

I ended up having my very own Devil Wears Prada experience (my new boss worked at Vogue under Anna Wintour for 12 years, you get the idea). My grandfather, who I was very close to, passed away 6 months after I moved to NY. With all of my family hours away it became very clear to me that I needed the people around me that I loved to be happy. I couldn't just have my career.

I was lucky enough to find a job through my former D Magazine colleague and best friend Bianca back in Dallas. I (again) moved without a place to live and bunked up with my sister and her family until I could get back on my feet. I took a job organizing merchandise for catalogs with hopes of one day becoming a stylist. In three years with some good luck and hard work I've become the senior stylist where I manage a team of amazing, fun, and talented girls. I also managed to meet a great guy, buy a house, and get hitched in Vegas. Life is good.

The Twist

I love my life now but I know that sometime in the next few years, I will want to have children. Will I be able to still have a wonderful career and be there for my children? I guess we'll just have to wait and see....

Keep on blog crawlin' folks. Check out Sandy a la Mode on Monday. Happy Weekend!


So this isn't about fashion. Or even music. But this had me crying laughing, so I thought I would share. I kinda want Marcel to be my friend...

Fur Vest Dilemma

I know that I'm a stylist so these choices should come oh-so-easy to me, but I literally CANNOT decide which fur vest I want this season. They're everywhere in every shape, color, and style and I'm in love with all of them. I need your help deciding.

 Should I go everyday glamor with this Ella Moss Faux Fur?


Downtown funky with this Alice + Olivia?

Nerd chic with J. Crew?

Or a rocker vest/parka from LaRok?

Won't you help!

Music Monday

I hope everybody had a wonderful weekend and you're Monday isn't too terrible (but aren't they all?). I'm a bit tired from our trip so I thought I would share 5 songs that are getting me through the day.

1. Dog Days are Over - Florence & The Machine
This is gaurenteed to get you out of a funk. Turn it on, turn it up, and just try not to dance.

2. F**ck You- Cee Lo Green
The first time I heard this song I did a double take. "Did he just say F**ck you?" The lyrics are hilarious and catchy.

3. Radioactive - Kings of Leon
It's the first song of their new album and it's goooood. Good old fashion rock & roll with a touch of Southern gospel.

4. Dancing in Heaven - La Douche
Such an awesomely bad 80s song. A few weeks ago when I was sick I watched Girls Just Want to Have Fun and this song has been in my head ever since.

5. Only the Young - Brandon Flowers
His first solo album was released last Tuesday and I'm LOVING this song.

Friday Five


Hello friends! I hope everybody had a great week. Here are five things about my week.

1. Tonight we jet set off to LA to see Phoenix play at the Hollywood Bowl. My husband and I have a "bucket list" before we have kids and seeing a show at the Hollywood Bowl and seeing Phoenix live are both on the list so we're killing too birds with one stone. I'm sure we'll be able to squeeze in some shopping and swimming as well...

2. It's been a good few weeks for music. Next week I get to see Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, and The Whigs all in one show on Thursday. Very exciting.

3. I got to do a really cool editorial shoot this week that I can't wait to share with you guys once it goes live. I'll give you a few hints. Fog machine, leather, and FUR FUR FUR...

4. I am SO happy that many of my favorite TV shows returned this week. Did everybody catch Gossip Girl and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? They were both AWESOME in totally different ways. IASIP was hilarious and on GG I was totally digging Serena & Blair's new Paris styles.

5. In some sad news, my beloved iPod died after a nasty encounter with concrete floor. I'm fairly devastated.

What are you up to this weekend?

Spring Sass a la Marc Jacobs

I pretty much love everything that Marc Jacobs does and his Spring/Summer 2011 collection for Marc by Marc Jacobs is no exception. This season is choc full of  vintage shapes with cinched waists, thick stacks of bangles with each look, and silk tie ankle platform sandals. 
Everything is seriously gorgeous!

Dancing Nancie

I have a secret, and I don't want you to judge me because in nearly all other aspects of my life I'm pretty cool.  I really am. 
I just happen to have a mild (read: serious) obsession with the Dave Matthews Band. 
I know, how very late 90s of me. I have seen them live every summer since I was 14. 
I may have dated a guy because he looked like Dave Matthews. Yes, Seriously. 
And last Saturday night my sister and I stood in the horrible Texas heat for 4 hours to get a good spot in the pit so we could stand really close to the stage. It was absolutely positively worth it. 

What are YOU a total dork about?

Fun with Fashion

I love fashion. I do. I think it's beautiful and amazing and wonderful. BUT I also realize that we're not saving lives by any means, so I always find it funny when magazines take themselves a little too seriously and call things that are totally silly, high fashion. This is, what I fear, happened in the September issue of Vogue. If the editors were taking a little jab at themselves BRAVO, but I seriously doubt it. This editorial made me laugh out loud.

In Love with Akris

I'm feeling much better today even with almost all the odds against me (torrential rain, power out at my house all morning, and terrible traffic) but it's always uplifting to work with fabulous designer clothes. Today was some of the best. I got to style the Fall/Winter 2010/11 & Resort 2011 collection by Akris with the designers assistant the fabulous Serge (he appeared very Russian, but spoke mostly French...) and fell in love with the line. These seasons seems to have been amped up a little bit and I think it will appeal to a younger, more contemporary audience. Seriously, such good clothes.

Under the weather and guest posts

Hello blog friends, I apologize for the lack of posts but I've been really under the weather since Sunday. A sinus infection on a holiday weekend? Not fun at all.

The good news is that I have two guests posts that are up today so I won't be totally missing.

Check out a music post on fellow blogger and friend Hello, Splendor.

Also, check out the story of my and Mr. Social Threads love on the wonderful So about what I said...

I hope to be back tomorrow all bright and shiny. XOXO

Friday 5

I've decided to follow the lead of the lovely Hello, Splendor and Fabulous K and list five things about my week every Friday. Here's my first stab at it.

1. Last night my husband, Jeff, and I went to a fancy dinner at Craft in the W and went and listened to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra play the music of Michael Jackson. We had such a great time! Everybody was standing up dancing and there were even little kids on stage doing their best moonwalks. Going to see the DSO may be our new thing.

2. I was on set styling guys this week and had a blast working with the handsome Tommy Dunn and Brad Kroenig. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it...

3. I CANNOT believe that this is the last weekend of summer? Seriously, where did the time go. I'm going to paint my fingers and toes hot pink in protest.

4. I'm excited to see the new Drew Barrymore movie Going The Distance this weekend. I have a major girl crush on her, but more on that later...

5. The weather seems to have finally cooled here, I'm going to miss summer but I'm excited for the fall fashions. I pulled out my first pair of tights yesterday. Looks like it might be closet switch-out time. Yesssssss!

How are you planning on spending this lovely long weekend?

Pretty Girl Chic

How great are these pieces by Emmersonmade.? I stumbled upon this website and fell in love with this small fashion line. I'm loving the EM Old School's jeans and the Ribbons Blouses are the perfect transition pieces for fall. The gorgeous girl in all the photos is the designer. I'm trying not to hate her.

It's a new day!


At my blogging boot camp with the one and only Fabulous K, I added a bit of new sassyness to my blog and I also, much to my delight, learned that I wasn't just writing to myself as I had assumed. You guys are actually reading my blog! I can't be more excited and grateful. Thank you! So, today is a new day (or night). I promise to be better about posts so that you, my blogging friends, have something to read. XOXO

blogger bootcamp

Guess who learned how to post larger photos...more improvements to come.
Yay, me.

I'm Obsessed

I was blog surfing during lunch and came upon this website called The Selby. It's a website filled with Tom Selby's photography that catch creative types in their personal spaces. I LOVE this concept because I think that a person's home says so much about them and these pictures give you such great snapshots into their lives. I also love that the website was started by Selby doing test photos of friends in their homes, a little grass roots effort if you will. I've been paging through the website and I can't get enough, each picture is so interesting. Check it out!
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