HAPPY 2011

 Happy 2011 my lovely readers. As most of you have noticed, my blog posts have been, should we say, sporadic (slash non-existent) and I want to apologize for that. Life got busy and blogging dropped off my radar, but I'm happy it's a new year and I've had a few weeks to relax and refresh. I've got plenty of awesome things to blog about and I always love to hear all of your feedback.

I've never been a fan of New Years resolutions because I inevitably create lofty goals that I never accomplished and I often spend part of the year feeling bad about my failure, so this year I'm creating a list of goals that I would like to accomplish and hoping that I'll be more successful with those.
1. Run a half marathon. I know, it's a big one but I think with proper training I can do it. Two years ago I ran a race with two girlfriends and loved it, I need to tap back into that energy.
2. Take better care of my skin. Growing up I had terrible skin so by the time I got out of my teens and I didn't have to mess with my skin so much I got lazy. I rarely wash my face at night and sleep in makeup, I don't use moisturizer, and I never wear sunscreen. It's officially time to remedy those three bad habits. Pronto.
3. No more fast food. Before I got married I would have fast food once in a blue moon. Now it seems that Jeff and I grab it once or twice a week. I had my last taco bell tonight. That's it.
4. Put more effort in styling my own life. I think I style so much for work that often my outfits and home get thrown aside. I need have more pride in my home and my own projects. 

What are some of your New Years goals?
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