Hurtin' for Certain

Good morning! Sorry for the lack of posts, I had a busy weekend visiting family in St. Louis (where I also managed a trip to H&M and to catch Broken Social Scene at Lou Fest but I'll blog more about that later) and my Monday was a bit of a beating, which is why I wanted to share the amazing Bandaids above by Cynthia Rowley. With how amazing these are, I'm debating starting to wear these Nelly style under my left eye. No really, I mean it.

Ra Ra Riot is back!

For those of you who have no idea who Ra Ra Riot is, you owe it to yourself to check them out. The band consists of six college friends from Syracuse with their most prominent sounds coming from a cello, a violin, and the melodic vocals of lead singer Wes Miles. Many have compared their chamber pop-ness to Vampire Weekend, but RRR vocals have a heartfelt urgency that Vampire Weekend lacks. Their second full length album The Orchard was released on Tuesday. There has been much anticipation for this album following the 2008 indie darling The Rhumb Line. The Orchard does not a Sophmore slump make. The sound has definitely matured with this album in every way. The lyrics have a sophisticated maturity that The Rhumb Line lacked, the instrumentals are more sharp and purposeful, and even the recording is more crisp. I love just about every song on the album but my favorites are Boy, Do You Remember, and Kansai. The soothing vocals and carefree energetic sound make The Orchard the perfect album to ride out these final summer days.

What if?

I've been asking my friends and family lately what they would do if they won the lottery. And not just the 1 million dollar lottery. But the MAJOR lottery. Let's say 200 million. Set for life not matter how much you spend lottery. I know EXACTLY what I would do.

Call me silly, but first and foremost I would SPRINT to my amazing hair cutter Salomon and pay for a lifetime of Brazilian blowouts. I have very thick and course blond hair that I have to painstakingly blow dry for 30-45 minutes any time I want it to look presentable. My naturally curly/wavy hair is a total mess if I let it air dry. I literally didn't let my husband see my natural hair until our honeymoon (and that was only due to 100% humidity and European outlets). I've heard that Brazilian blowouts literally changes the texture of your hair for about 3 or 4 months so that you can air dry it. Seriously, that sounds like heaven. Sign me up.

The very next thing I would do would be to build a 2nd floor on our wonderful (but little) home. It's literally the perfect house except for the lack of space and walk-in closets. Oh, and I'd hire the lovely and talented Beth of Hello Splendor to decorate our newly expanded pad.

What's next you say? I would buy myself a fancy new ride. Something big enough to haul things around but still zippy. I'll take a BMW X5 in White with Tan interior. Please and thank you.

Then it would be a matter of paying off bills, building college funds for my niece and nephew and unborn children, donating to worthy causes, take my friends and family on an elaborate vacation, and MAYBE a new pair of shoes or a bag in there. I mean, I'm only human.

What would you do if you were a big lottery winner?

The September Issues!

I came home today to find these three beauties overloading my mailbox. I'm guessing my mailman hates me because they weigh about 3 pounds each. I always find the September issues almost as daunting as they are exciting. Although I know they're inevitably filled with amazing fashion and stunning editorials, they're each over 500 pages. In the next few days (weeks, months, years) I'll be pouring all 1500 pages and reporting back with my favorites. Also noted, all of the lovelies gracing the cover of are all over the age of 40. Rock on ladies!

Bag Envy

Every year I save up all of my birthday and Christmas money and buy myself one amazing can't-live-without-it bag that I will carry the entire year. I do this for a few reasons 1. It makes me happy and 2. I figure when I'm 40 I'll have an amazing handbag collection, so really it's an investment.

I think this year, this is the winner. Proenza Schouler Blue Suede PS1 Satchel. I'm. in. love.

Fabulous Fall

As I said earlier, I'm a huge fan of summer. I love the days getting longer, the pink flush on everybody's cheeks, cocktails on patios, days spent by the pool, and the way that people just seem to let loose just a bit more during the summer time.

But every time the end of July creeps around I start to itch for Fall fashions. I love the fall season. Everything is so luxe, comforting, and really just fashionable. During the summer, especially in Texas, we focus on keeping cool and wearing as little clothes as is socially acceptable. Jean shorts, sun dresses, and tank tops are great but they're not fashion. In fall we put on dresses with tights covered by cardigans or blazers teetering on top of suede booties. That's fashion.

This fall season is exceptional. The joy, and pain, of being a fashion stylist is always seeing a season of clothing before the weather arrives to match it. I've been anxiously awaiting this seasons fashion because it is gloriously over the top. It's menswear paired with the ultra-feminine silk shirt or sequin skirt, feathers attached to just about everything, and my beloved sequins are allowed to see the light of day (even in the office!). Since we seem to be nearing the end of the recession, designers are starting to take chances again and the results are gorgeous. Here are some of my favorite fashions for fall. Enjoy!

The Oxford
This is what the UPS fairy delivered last week. I'd been searching for the perfect oxford for weeks. I wanted the perfect balance of menswear wingtip without looking like a clowns shoe. This style by Steve Madden is exactly what I'm looking for. I've already worn them with a full skirt to work but they'll also look great with my boyfriend jeans with rolled up cuffs.

Leopard Print
This isn't the leopard print of the 90s. It's a bit more buttoned up and posh. If you're not ready to take the full leopard plunge, try leopard accents like a scarf or belt. Just make sure that the spots stay small and please, dear lord, no colored leopard.

The Utility Jacket
I tried to buy this piece last season when the style started to emerge but everything I tried on was too bulky or mannish. This version by Vince is perfect. Part shirt / part jacket. 100% amazing. Put it over a cocktail dress to add a bit of edge. Yes, seriously.

Everyday Sequins
Sequins are no longer exiled to Vegas or seedy street corners. Sequins are everywhere this season including on skirts to be worn in the day and on a throw on Sunday sweater. My favorite? On the shoulders of blazers, it gives just a hint of glam.

The Fur Vest
There were peeps of this in a few collections last year, but this year fur vests are everywhere. Whether is faux fur or fur fur get your style in shearling or rabbit. Pair it with the unexpected. I love the button down and boyfriend jean above.

Feathers are everywhere this season. Robert Rodriguez & Haute Hippie did gorgeous skirts covered in monotone feathers that make the girls look like elegant flamingos. In other collections, designers are adding feathers to add texture and interest. I love the jacket above by Elizabeth & James, they took a classic jacket and added a touch of Broadway flair.

What are your favorite trends for fall?

Music Monday

Sorry I've been MIA. I decided to spend the weekend away from the internet. I caught up with friends who had returned from adventures near and far, saw a movie with my sweet hubby, and caught some rays in the ghetto-until-you-get-in-it-and realize-how-wonderful-it-is blow up pool in our backyard (pictured above). I feel summer slip sliding away so I thought I would cheer myself up and share some music that I'm loving right now.

1. Giving Up the Gun - Vampire Weekend
2. Buttons - The Weeks
3. Tonight, Tonight - Passion Pit
4. Boy - Ra Ra Riot
5. Silvia - Miike Snow
6. Airplane - Local Natives
7. Young Forever (Featuring Mr. Hudson) - Jay Z
8. Never Going Back - Fleetwood Mac
9. Kill Me Carolyne - The Whigs
10. There Goes the Fear - Doves
11. 1999 - Shout Out Louds
12. Crossfire - Brandon Flowers
13. American Slang - The Gaslight Anthem

What are some of your favorite songs of the summer?

P.S. I SWEAR I'm going to post my picks for Fall tonight, I'm just gathering up some gorgeous pictures for eye candy.

Back to School Campaign

I really love my job. I get to work with new people constantly, I only sit behind a desk about 20% of the time, and ever since I was a little kid I have poured over catalogs and magazine being mesmerized by each new seasons fashions. My mother would say to me, "You'll never get anywhere being superficial and shallow" and I love that every day I get to prove her wrong because it pays the bills (sorry momma).

I recently did a campaign for back to school based on Glee (clearly if you're reading this blog you haven't been living under a rock for the past year and know this TV show) and the images just went up today so I thought I would share.

Check back tomorrow for my loves for fall fashion. I'm waiting to post this one because I'm hoping that the UPS fairy will deliver the base piece for my fall wardrobe...I'm so excited I can barely stand it!

Till we meet again...

So here I am...

I've officially entered into the exciting and slightly terrifying world of blogging. I'm new to this, but I have several very smart and very interesting friends who blog so I thought I might try my hand at it and combine my passion for writing with my love of music, fashion, and design. They're the things I love about life and all of the things that I think are the threads of society - thus the name: The Social Thread. I'll have some more things to blog about in the coming days and weeks (I've been plotting my blog debut for a while) so please check back.

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