I totally understand...

 If you've given up on me. It makes sense really. Who reads a blog when there are no postings for over six months? Honestly, I wouldn't. So here I am, begging for your forgiveness and understanding. The last six months I needed to just disappear and wrap my head around things. A lot had happened in 2010, some amazing and some tragic, and I wanted to have a little time to myself for things to soak in and figure out what my next move might be. And sometimes life has a way of figuring things out for you.

I have just recently accepted a new job. (Side note: I know I can be pretty vague about who I work for on here, but basically it's so that I can continue to blog without being shut down by my employer) I have my last day at my old job on Wednesday and I start my new job on July 11. It's a big title change so I'm super excited about that, but I know that it will be an amazing quality of life change. A fashion stylists job is glamorous and amazing, but it also can be really physically taxing. At my new job I will be a Style Director so I will be more behind the scenes as opposed to onset. It will be a transition for me to go from the studio to an office but I welcome the change. I've been at my current job for nearly 4 years so I am really excited to shake things up and learn something new.

I can wait to be more present on here with you guys. And again, if you're still with me, thank you so much for your understanding. It means the world to me.

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