Stepping Out

Now, let it be know that I'm all about individual style. I love people who march to the beat of a different drummer, and their off-beat style. I'm all for a different looking top or a cool pair of pants. But this my dear readers, is a look that I cannot support...

No, no. I am not referring to the scantily clad woman gardening who is destined for a terrible ankle injury and a nasty sock tan. I am referring to her horrendous footwear. 
Just when you thought that the haunting memories bounding off to summer camp in the newest sweetest pattern of Teva's were behind you, the designers over at Grey Ant decided it would be a good idea to team up with Teva to create, and I quote, "the most daring mash-up of the decade." Daring, perhaps, but only due to the fact of the horrible heckling and possible rotten tomatoes thrown your way due to said mash-up. And adding insult to injury, did I mention that they're $330?!? Ok, I'm done.

Banged Up

For the last few years I've had serious hair envy...

 I fell in love with fringe bangs but have had enough bad haircuts (e.g. a mullet) to understand that my naturally frizzy & wavy hair had it's limitations...

 But still, I pined away at how girlish yet flirtatious fringe bangs are...

Until I took my hair destiny into my own hands (or a very capable hair stylist's hands) and got a brazillian blowout...

 And my very own fringe bangs to match...

So my dear readers, what do you think?

Honestly, I kind of think that I look like a different person. And I like it.

Have you ever taken a major hair leap and loved the results?

Music Monday

Hello blog friends, I'm jumping right back into the saddle today with Music Monday because basically it's a good distraction. Here's the music that I'm loving now.

Home - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros on Up From Below
Hysteric - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs on It's Blitz!
World Sick - Broken Social Scene on Forgiveness Rock Record
Just Breathe - Pearl Jam on Backspacer
We Used to Wait - Arcade Fire on The Suburbs

What music are you loving? 

An Incredible Love

 I apologize for my absence from blogging. Honestly, last week I was just being a lazy blogger. This week I've been supporting my best friend who is going through one of the most awful things imaginable. On Sunday her husband was suddenly killed in a hunting accident. I want to respect her privacy during this difficult time but what do want to talk about is the amazing love that existed between Bianca and Clinton. I have known Bianca for 7 years and I can say, without a doubt, that the last three years with Clinton have been her happiest. He was a cowboy from Ft. Worth and she was a city girl from Jersey, who had very little in common except for their immense love for each other, but honestly they didn't need anything more. Clinton was an absolutely wonderful guy and it is tragic to lose somebody so caring and so full of life at a young age. So friends, I ask that you keep my sweet sweet friend Bianca and Clinton's family in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this incredibly difficult time. There has also been a scholarship created in Clinton's name at Texas Tech (his alma mater) for any of you who wish to donate in his memory. Any bit would help and Clinton would love that somebody else could go to the school that he loved so much because of donations. Clinton James Colgin Memorial Scholarship, Texas Tech Foundation, Inc. PO Box 41081, Lubbock TX 79409-1081

Friday 5

I haven't done a Friday Five in a while but so much has happened in the past week that I wanted to share with you all.

Today is the first day that I've had to wear a coat to work. It never fails that it starts to get cold in Dallas right around Halloween. We've slept with the windows open the last few nights and it's been glorious. I love being all curled up in bed all warm and snugly but I know that the air in the room is chilly.

I moved desks at work and I have a MUCH bigger space now. I love it but it doesn't feel mine yet. I feel a cube transformation brewing...

Mr. Social Thread quit his job on Wednesday and I couldn't be happier. His boss was a complete jerk (for example, he gave Jeff only 1 day off so we could get married) and made life miserable. He is doing sales in interim while he finds the dream job. He's quit 36 hours ago and has already gotten so much encouragement from colleagues and recruiters. I'm so proud of you for making the jump babe!

My sweet nephew is being christened this weekend so a lot of my family is coming in town. I can't wait to see everybody and get hugs from my mom and dad. Hugs from them just seem to recenter me.

How was your week?

A Study In Contrast

A friend forwarded me images of this photo shoot that Australian graphic artist turned style blogger Amy Moss did. I think the images are really compelling. They took a typically unpretty thing like fast food and turned it into high-designer gorgeousness. Very very cool. The rest of her blog is pretty amazing as well. Check her out at EAT DRINK CHIC.

I Can Go For That

When I heard that Indie duo the Bird and the Bee did an entire album of Hall & Oates covers called I Can't Go For That I honestly thought it was too good to be true. Could somebody loved the ever tallented Darly Hall and John Oates as much as I do? Well friends, it's a glorious reality. Seriously, I'm listening to it now and I can't help but do the shoulder jig. My top picks are Kiss On My List, Rich Girl, and Maneater. It was really hard to pick just three because this album is truly magic. Ch-ch-check it out!

Birds of A Feather

 Hello my blog friends! Sorry for the lack of posts, I had a nasty stomach flu at the end of last week that pretty shut me down for 48 hours. Not. Fun. Enough about that. Check out these AMAZING pieces of jewelry above by Elisabeth Bell.  The creator, Beth Kaltman, was a model from Wilhelmina who had extra time while living in NY so she would go to the MET and would stare at ancient jewelry collections for hours (try not to hate her). She took classes learning metal smything so that she could make her own jewelry and her love of animals had her creating the talon necklaces. I've always been a fan of cool gold claws and horns and these are exceptional. I'm especially in love with the Great Horned Owl Talon with a diamond and the Peregrine Falcon talon with the emerald.

Surrounded by Inspiration

Nick Prendergast
Nick Prendergast
Nick Prendergast
Being a stylist, I get to work with some incredibly talented people. Beautiful models, amazing hair and makeup people, great art directors, and incredible photographers. I am inspired by the people that I am surrounded by everyday. When you work in a dark space with flashing lights for 9 hours at a time, you begin to become friends with the people you work with and I've become good friends with two very talented photographers Trevor Paulhus and Nick Prendergast. They're both awesome guys and their photography is beautiful, so I thought I would share some of their incredible images with you!

P.S. Both guys have blogs that you can check out here and here.
Trevor Paulhus

Trevor Paulhus
Trevor Paulhus

Fun with Pumpkins

Hey friends! I hope that everybody had a wonderful weekend. My weekend was a fun whirlwind of pumpkin decorating, Rangers baseball, working out in the yard, and having a family celebration of Jeff's birthday. The pictures above are of a few stylists and I decorating pumpkins on Saturday. Of course we couldn't just carve them, we had to paint them black and create designs on them with glitter. The results were pretty great (with the exception of mine, it was excellently mediocre). Has anybody done anything else fun decorating for Halloween?

Pirate Chic

Happy Friday! Sorry for being MIA all week but between Jeff's birthday and the new kittens my week has been jam packed. Enough about that though, how amazing are these Ads by Moschino? Each picture appeared individually in magazines so put together they create this gorgeous compilation of pirate chic. That jacket in the top shot is ridiculously gorgeous and totally unwearable. Well, unless I'm going to be a Moschino pirate for Halloween. Which really isn't a bad idea. Have a great weekend!


Happy Birthday Jeff!

Happy Birthday Boo! You are the most amazing husband in the world and I am so excited to share your first birthday together as husband and wife. You're an incredible man and I cannot believe that I get to spend the rest of my life with you.  Let's make your 31st year your best.


Our Newest Additions

Good morning! I just couldn't wait to share the newest members of our family with you. We adopted two six month old kittens this weekend. We honestly only planned on adopting one, but they're brothers so I couldn't separate them. Their current names are Elliott and Simon but I think we're going to change them to Mr. Bentley & Sawyer. They're only been living with us for a little over a day and I'm totally in love. They're the clumsiest, most playful kittens I've ever met. I adore them!

All sorts of fog and fur

Happy Friday! Remember a few weeks ago when I was telling you about an editorial that I was on set for that was all about fur? Well, this is it! I think it turned out gorgeous and it was such a fun project to work on. I hope you all enjoy this little bit of eye candy before everybody takes off for the weekend.  
XOXO, Heather

Way High Up in the Trees


Good morning! I am seriously so exhausted from dancing last night at the Vampire Weekend show with Fabulous K but I thought I would share these amazing images from this Treehouse company from Germany. This is somebody's office. How amazing is THAT?

I'm dreaming...

I shot a few editorials yesterday that are set to go out in December so there was plenty of velvet, Candy Canes, & fake snow. So between that and the fact that the Neiman Marcus Christmas book was unveiled yesterday, I am already feeling a bit giddy for Christmas. The book is GORGEOUS and the Fantasy Gifts are awesome this year. How about we do some pre-shopping so I know exactly what to get you...

Would you like a modern houseboat with a king sized bed and a full kitchen?

Maybe an edible Dylan's Candy Bar playhouse for your little one?

Or would you prefer a Dale Chihuly Pool Sculpture Installation?

No wait, I've got it. You want the newly revamped and surprisingly cool 2011 Neiman Marcus Edition Camaro Convertible in the ultra-chic color of Deep Bordeaux.
 I'm so glad we cleared that up.

And P.S. did you guys check out my guest post over to Hello, Splendor yesterday? I reviewed the awesome band El Gato.

Music Monday

Hello blog friends! I hope that everybody had a wonderful weekend. We had gorgeous weather here so it was the prefect weekend to open all the windows on our house and just enjoy. 
Today's music Monday is brought to you by an amazing DFW band called The Burning Hotels. They recently collaborated with the incredibly talented fashion photographer (and friend) Thom Jackson to make this music video for the song Allison. The result is gorgeous. The styling is right on (yeah Tiffany!), the music is haunting and gorgeous, and the cinematography is simply stunning. I honestly wish all music videos were like this. Check it out!

So Proud!

So, you see that pretty girl on the left of the picture above? That's my best friend Bianca and she's the stylist for the website Neiman Marcus Last Call that just launched today. I'm so proud of her! She's done an amazing job with the website (check it out, they have ridiculous deals on gorgeous clothing) and she's incredibly talented so she absolutely deserves this. Way to go B, Love you!
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