Fun with Pumpkins

Hey friends! I hope that everybody had a wonderful weekend. My weekend was a fun whirlwind of pumpkin decorating, Rangers baseball, working out in the yard, and having a family celebration of Jeff's birthday. The pictures above are of a few stylists and I decorating pumpkins on Saturday. Of course we couldn't just carve them, we had to paint them black and create designs on them with glitter. The results were pretty great (with the exception of mine, it was excellently mediocre). Has anybody done anything else fun decorating for Halloween?


Studio 13 said...

uggh I dread carving our pumpkin. I don't mind scooping out all the gunk, but the actual process of carving the shapes is daunting.. I think I may go this route this year! Love it!

pretty pink tulips said...

Love the black and glitter!! We love Halloween at our house - I'm trying to pace myself though. I can go a bit overboard!!
~ Elizabeth

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