I'm dreaming...

I shot a few editorials yesterday that are set to go out in December so there was plenty of velvet, Candy Canes, & fake snow. So between that and the fact that the Neiman Marcus Christmas book was unveiled yesterday, I am already feeling a bit giddy for Christmas. The book is GORGEOUS and the Fantasy Gifts are awesome this year. How about we do some pre-shopping so I know exactly what to get you...

Would you like a modern houseboat with a king sized bed and a full kitchen?

Maybe an edible Dylan's Candy Bar playhouse for your little one?

Or would you prefer a Dale Chihuly Pool Sculpture Installation?

No wait, I've got it. You want the newly revamped and surprisingly cool 2011 Neiman Marcus Edition Camaro Convertible in the ultra-chic color of Deep Bordeaux.
 I'm so glad we cleared that up.

And P.S. did you guys check out my guest post over to Hello, Splendor yesterday? I reviewed the awesome band El Gato.

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Aspiring Kennedy said...

sooo.. that candy cane house, it's ridiculous. i mean, can I put that on MY christmas wish list?

can you imagine the hilarious fun & pictures we could have with that thing at a christmas party.

also, seeing you and beth hang out = jealous. i'm only getting through it with lots of food & watching brit boys in pea coats. it's tough.

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