Fabulous Fall

As I said earlier, I'm a huge fan of summer. I love the days getting longer, the pink flush on everybody's cheeks, cocktails on patios, days spent by the pool, and the way that people just seem to let loose just a bit more during the summer time.

But every time the end of July creeps around I start to itch for Fall fashions. I love the fall season. Everything is so luxe, comforting, and really just fashionable. During the summer, especially in Texas, we focus on keeping cool and wearing as little clothes as is socially acceptable. Jean shorts, sun dresses, and tank tops are great but they're not fashion. In fall we put on dresses with tights covered by cardigans or blazers teetering on top of suede booties. That's fashion.

This fall season is exceptional. The joy, and pain, of being a fashion stylist is always seeing a season of clothing before the weather arrives to match it. I've been anxiously awaiting this seasons fashion because it is gloriously over the top. It's menswear paired with the ultra-feminine silk shirt or sequin skirt, feathers attached to just about everything, and my beloved sequins are allowed to see the light of day (even in the office!). Since we seem to be nearing the end of the recession, designers are starting to take chances again and the results are gorgeous. Here are some of my favorite fashions for fall. Enjoy!

The Oxford
This is what the UPS fairy delivered last week. I'd been searching for the perfect oxford for weeks. I wanted the perfect balance of menswear wingtip without looking like a clowns shoe. This style by Steve Madden is exactly what I'm looking for. I've already worn them with a full skirt to work but they'll also look great with my boyfriend jeans with rolled up cuffs.

Leopard Print
This isn't the leopard print of the 90s. It's a bit more buttoned up and posh. If you're not ready to take the full leopard plunge, try leopard accents like a scarf or belt. Just make sure that the spots stay small and please, dear lord, no colored leopard.

The Utility Jacket
I tried to buy this piece last season when the style started to emerge but everything I tried on was too bulky or mannish. This version by Vince is perfect. Part shirt / part jacket. 100% amazing. Put it over a cocktail dress to add a bit of edge. Yes, seriously.

Everyday Sequins
Sequins are no longer exiled to Vegas or seedy street corners. Sequins are everywhere this season including on skirts to be worn in the day and on a throw on Sunday sweater. My favorite? On the shoulders of blazers, it gives just a hint of glam.

The Fur Vest
There were peeps of this in a few collections last year, but this year fur vests are everywhere. Whether is faux fur or fur fur get your style in shearling or rabbit. Pair it with the unexpected. I love the button down and boyfriend jean above.

Feathers are everywhere this season. Robert Rodriguez & Haute Hippie did gorgeous skirts covered in monotone feathers that make the girls look like elegant flamingos. In other collections, designers are adding feathers to add texture and interest. I love the jacket above by Elizabeth & James, they took a classic jacket and added a touch of Broadway flair.

What are your favorite trends for fall?


Aspiring Kennedy said...

yippee! a stylist has condoned my everyday use of sequins. it is going to be a great fall for this chic! ;)

kelly said...

I L-O-V-E this post...and now officially feel like I have a personal stylist. Off to look for everything you mentioned!

sarah @ tiny bit of sparkle said...

love these looks! i think i may need to try some oxfords soon... :)

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