Ra Ra Riot is back!

For those of you who have no idea who Ra Ra Riot is, you owe it to yourself to check them out. The band consists of six college friends from Syracuse with their most prominent sounds coming from a cello, a violin, and the melodic vocals of lead singer Wes Miles. Many have compared their chamber pop-ness to Vampire Weekend, but RRR vocals have a heartfelt urgency that Vampire Weekend lacks. Their second full length album The Orchard was released on Tuesday. There has been much anticipation for this album following the 2008 indie darling The Rhumb Line. The Orchard does not a Sophmore slump make. The sound has definitely matured with this album in every way. The lyrics have a sophisticated maturity that The Rhumb Line lacked, the instrumentals are more sharp and purposeful, and even the recording is more crisp. I love just about every song on the album but my favorites are Boy, Do You Remember, and Kansai. The soothing vocals and carefree energetic sound make The Orchard the perfect album to ride out these final summer days.

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