Hurtin' for Certain

Good morning! Sorry for the lack of posts, I had a busy weekend visiting family in St. Louis (where I also managed a trip to H&M and to catch Broken Social Scene at Lou Fest but I'll blog more about that later) and my Monday was a bit of a beating, which is why I wanted to share the amazing Bandaids above by Cynthia Rowley. With how amazing these are, I'm debating starting to wear these Nelly style under my left eye. No really, I mean it.


kelly said...

1. I am happy you blogged.

2. I may become a cutter thanks to these band aids.

3. I am so excited to see you and the crew this weekend! Yay!!

Julie @ CalleLillyCafe said...

Love these! (even better than my girls' Hello Kitty ones!)

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