Back to School Campaign

I really love my job. I get to work with new people constantly, I only sit behind a desk about 20% of the time, and ever since I was a little kid I have poured over catalogs and magazine being mesmerized by each new seasons fashions. My mother would say to me, "You'll never get anywhere being superficial and shallow" and I love that every day I get to prove her wrong because it pays the bills (sorry momma).

I recently did a campaign for back to school based on Glee (clearly if you're reading this blog you haven't been living under a rock for the past year and know this TV show) and the images just went up today so I thought I would share.

Check back tomorrow for my loves for fall fashion. I'm waiting to post this one because I'm hoping that the UPS fairy will deliver the base piece for my fall wardrobe...I'm so excited I can barely stand it!

Till we meet again...


kelly said...

Love it. Can't believe you helped create the amazingness about. And...can't wait to know what the fall must haves are--help a sista out.


Aspiring Kennedy said...

post #2 and you've already out-cooled me after months of blogging.

this campaign is so cool! you did a great job!! you could have a big future as a pagent mom. :)

Ashley @ Lemon and Lavender said...

HOW cute!!! So happy to find your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Super-cute! I need that last outfit for my girl! Love your blog (already!) and found you through Fabulous K herself!

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