What if?

I've been asking my friends and family lately what they would do if they won the lottery. And not just the 1 million dollar lottery. But the MAJOR lottery. Let's say 200 million. Set for life not matter how much you spend lottery. I know EXACTLY what I would do.

Call me silly, but first and foremost I would SPRINT to my amazing hair cutter Salomon and pay for a lifetime of Brazilian blowouts. I have very thick and course blond hair that I have to painstakingly blow dry for 30-45 minutes any time I want it to look presentable. My naturally curly/wavy hair is a total mess if I let it air dry. I literally didn't let my husband see my natural hair until our honeymoon (and that was only due to 100% humidity and European outlets). I've heard that Brazilian blowouts literally changes the texture of your hair for about 3 or 4 months so that you can air dry it. Seriously, that sounds like heaven. Sign me up.

The very next thing I would do would be to build a 2nd floor on our wonderful (but little) home. It's literally the perfect house except for the lack of space and walk-in closets. Oh, and I'd hire the lovely and talented Beth of Hello Splendor to decorate our newly expanded pad.

What's next you say? I would buy myself a fancy new ride. Something big enough to haul things around but still zippy. I'll take a BMW X5 in White with Tan interior. Please and thank you.

Then it would be a matter of paying off bills, building college funds for my niece and nephew and unborn children, donating to worthy causes, take my friends and family on an elaborate vacation, and MAYBE a new pair of shoes or a bag in there. I mean, I'm only human.

What would you do if you were a big lottery winner?


Aspiring Kennedy said...

I would buy a decent house in England. Then in Italy. Then I would buy some gorgeous A. Liebowitz originals of first ladies to put in my powder room. :)

Oh yeah. I would also maybe get a nose job. :) ha!

Lauren said...

That brazilian blowout sounds pretty awesome. I have very stubborn frizzy hair. >.<

I would pay the bills (college loans), finish school & travelllll to my heart's content.
(Of course I would also take care of Mom, Dad, and little brother, & would probably save/invest since I wouldn't know what to do with all that $$$ right away...)

The Train said...

I think you left something out.

TheSocialThread said...

How could I have forgotten. I would also put my best friend on a hefty salary for being my best friend and we would get an apartment in Paris and travel to and fro at our whim.

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