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As many of you know the lovely and talented Beth from Hello, Splendor has started a blog crawl so we can all get to know each other better. I've loved everybody's take on My Life Is An Open Book. I loved reading about Emily following her heart and changing her career on on Emily A. Clark, and I cannot wait to hear what Sandy a la Mode has to say on Monday. But now to my story....

The Author

I'm a grown up version of the girl you see in the picture above. I'm a fashion stylist, blogger, and all around goof ball.

The Setting

I'm a gypsy of sorts. Born in DC, moved to Tulsa, OK for 9 years, Albuquerque for High School, Dallas for college and work, NY for a year, and now I'm back in Dallas. I think Dallas is my home for life.

Cast of Characters

I adore my husband, family, and friends. I truly believe I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by the best people in the world. I'm a very happy girl.

 The Plot

I've always had a passion for fashion but never knew that you could make a career out of it so I set off to be a print Journalist. My first job out of college was associate editor at D Magazine in Dallas and where I got to see the behind the scenes of photoshoots and get my first taste of styling. 

After a few years at the magazine I got an opportunity to get a job doing the start-up of a new Conde Nast business magazine. I jumped at the opportunity and within weeks (and just a week after the birth of my niece, my sister's first born Joy) I moved myself up to NYC arriving without anyplace to live. I was ready to set the publishing world on fire. I wanted my career to be my life. I was dead-set on not having children, wasn't sure if I would get married, and thought that living far away from my family wouldn't be a big deal.  

I ended up having my very own Devil Wears Prada experience (my new boss worked at Vogue under Anna Wintour for 12 years, you get the idea). My grandfather, who I was very close to, passed away 6 months after I moved to NY. With all of my family hours away it became very clear to me that I needed the people around me that I loved to be happy. I couldn't just have my career.

I was lucky enough to find a job through my former D Magazine colleague and best friend Bianca back in Dallas. I (again) moved without a place to live and bunked up with my sister and her family until I could get back on my feet. I took a job organizing merchandise for catalogs with hopes of one day becoming a stylist. In three years with some good luck and hard work I've become the senior stylist where I manage a team of amazing, fun, and talented girls. I also managed to meet a great guy, buy a house, and get hitched in Vegas. Life is good.

The Twist

I love my life now but I know that sometime in the next few years, I will want to have children. Will I be able to still have a wonderful career and be there for my children? I guess we'll just have to wait and see....

Keep on blog crawlin' folks. Check out Sandy a la Mode on Monday. Happy Weekend!


Anonymous said...

hi!! thanks so much for the shout out! i loved reading your story and finding your beautiful blog! have a great weekend!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

Heather- you are so cute. You DO have a pretty awesome life. I forgot you got married in LV. Ha! I love that! :) I'm back to Oxford now, no more traveling for a while... and am excited to catch up with what I have been missing in BLOG LAND! :) XOXOXO- lbk

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

So fun reading your post! Love getting to know more about fellow bloggers.

shopgirl said...

It's great reading about your story through the Blog Crawl. I've never been to your blog before, but I'll definitely come back for more. Your story is really inspiring. I love how you guys got married in Vegas!

p.s. now the latest follower of your blog.
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