Fall Is Upon Us

I've been in the studio where I literally don't see the light of day for 8 hours, so I haven't really realized what's been going on outside until tonight. It's FALL people. Here in Dallas we don't really get four real seasons. Our Fall consists of the temperatures dropping down into the 70s, but I think the biggest change is the lighting. I know it sounds a little kooky but I feel like the light changes in the Fall. The sun is no longer beating down on you but casting a lovely light on your day. Everything is a bit more romantic and cozy. It makes me want to thrown on a Fair Isle sweater, grab a plaid blanket, and pack up a picnic. Enjoy the lovely weather friends!


KristiMcMurry said...

Totally agree about the light! The sun is much nicer during Fall.

Aspiring Kennedy said...

you are right- it does change. the saturation gets so intense. i love it! the colors are richer... and i am such a fan. here in england, it just means things turn a light shade of grey. soon, they'll be charcoal. :)

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