Friday 5

I've decided to follow the lead of the lovely Hello, Splendor and Fabulous K and list five things about my week every Friday. Here's my first stab at it.

1. Last night my husband, Jeff, and I went to a fancy dinner at Craft in the W and went and listened to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra play the music of Michael Jackson. We had such a great time! Everybody was standing up dancing and there were even little kids on stage doing their best moonwalks. Going to see the DSO may be our new thing.

2. I was on set styling guys this week and had a blast working with the handsome Tommy Dunn and Brad Kroenig. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it...

3. I CANNOT believe that this is the last weekend of summer? Seriously, where did the time go. I'm going to paint my fingers and toes hot pink in protest.

4. I'm excited to see the new Drew Barrymore movie Going The Distance this weekend. I have a major girl crush on her, but more on that later...

5. The weather seems to have finally cooled here, I'm going to miss summer but I'm excited for the fall fashions. I pulled out my first pair of tights yesterday. Looks like it might be closet switch-out time. Yesssssss!

How are you planning on spending this lovely long weekend?


kelly said...

I am BEYOND ready for tights and fall clothes, thankyouverymuch. And...yay for lots of mean girls time this weekend!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

Heather... We paint our finger nails pink on Wednesdays. {Not Fridays!)

The D.Barrymore movie looks good! Nice call.

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Hello Heather! Found you via Beth's Hello Splendor!

Totally with you about Going The Distance - can't wait to see it; love Drew!

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