Dancing Nancie

I have a secret, and I don't want you to judge me because in nearly all other aspects of my life I'm pretty cool.  I really am. 
I just happen to have a mild (read: serious) obsession with the Dave Matthews Band. 
I know, how very late 90s of me. I have seen them live every summer since I was 14. 
I may have dated a guy because he looked like Dave Matthews. Yes, Seriously. 
And last Saturday night my sister and I stood in the horrible Texas heat for 4 hours to get a good spot in the pit so we could stand really close to the stage. It was absolutely positively worth it. 

What are YOU a total dork about?


Beth Dotolo @ Hello, Splendor said...

um... twilight!

P.S. my mom went to the dave matthews band show ... on a DATE! And, I used to be really proud of myself because I could play Crash Into Me on the guitar and sing it at the same time. I get it, Heather.

allison said...

i'm a full on dork for glee! i'll admit it - i'm a gleek:)

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